Super-fast switching without second delay for matrix switching systems up to 2000 endpoints and more

included for all kvm-tec extenders ( except EASYline - switching up to 56 endpoints without user system, Classic48 - switching up to 48 endpoints)

  • High Security with switching in the dedicated network
  • up to 2000 endpoints and more
  • Super-fast switching without time lag
  • Perfect video compression without second delay
  • Control via OSD menu or Switching Manager Software


Full HD & 4K Extender kombinierbar





up to  2000 endpoints

the Matrix Switching can be extended with endpoint packages at any time

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With kvm-tec  switching solution, all market sectors, such as control rooms, industry 4.0, medical technology, flight and traffic monitoring, training and conference centers, broadcast industry, etc., can benefit from the system. Matrix Switching Systems with up to 48/56/100/1000/ 2000 endpoints can be implemented flexibly and cost-effectively without the need for central, expensive switches with limited endpoints.

Thanks to kvm-tec in-house developed switching technology, there is almost no limit to the number of endpoints in the switching system and the individual endpoints (PC, monitor, etc) can behave passively when controlled via the software. This means that the end point only needs the information at the correct switching moment, resulting in less data traffic in large systems.

With the switching upgrade, all extenders can be upgraded to the perfect KVM matrix switch in combination with a standard network switch (the upgrade is pre-installed and can also be activated after delivery with code.), much cheaper and much less installation of cables.

The Matrix Switching System can be intuitively connected, managed and controlled via the OSD menu or the kvm-tec Switching Manager software. A Windows PC or Tablet with network interface is required for commissioning and operating the software.  Any number of switching managers can be used in a switching system.

The features included in the kvm-tec Switching Manager software, such as Mouse glide & switch - Live Preview and 4K Multiview Commander (NEW worldwide - up to 4 PCs can be controlled and operated via one 4K monitor) increase the security of applications in areas, wherever system control is required. (e.g. applications in medical areas, tunnel traffic monitoring, emergency control rooms). Very comfortable, ergonomic and intuitive operation is thus possible in monitoring and control rooms as well as in the medical field and offers decisive advantages in terms of safety.

Network Environment

Can be used in a dedicated network via Gigabit switch. 1 Gigabit bandwidth is required from each port to any other port. IGMP Snooping

4K KVM Extender requires 10 Gigabit bandwidth: IGMP Snooping

Max number of ports: 2000, e.g. 1000 and 1000 workstations 


network security - stay secured with kvm-tec

By using standard network switches, kvm-tec Extender uses the highest security standard used in professional networks.

The PC technology offers the highest security in the network and therefore the Switching 2000 network benefits from the high security standard of the PC technology.


Network Requirements - UDP Version

The KVM-TEC Matrix Switching System communicates via IP

between the individual endpoints (local/CPU or remote/CON), as well as with the KVM-TEC Switching Manager, Gateway2Go and API. Sharing of videos is realized via the IGMP function of the switch via multicast.
Each endpoint joins a multicast group, even if only one connection is established. This process is repeated cyclically so that the switch keeps the multicast group active.
One exception is the Gateway2Go, which uses unicast and communicates via UDP just like the other devices.


The following UDP ports are required for the transmission:

Port number 53248 (0xD000) to 53260 (0xD00C)
Port number 50000 (0xC350)

These ports must be taken into account when configuring the firewall.
For the connection via WAN a secured VPN connection is necessary.

DHCP management of IP addresses is supported by the KVM-TEC Matrix system, static IP addresses are possible, internal default address range and assignment of IP addresses via a DHCP server.

kvm-tec Extender over IP - UDP versions require a Layer 3 Switch






    Let's talk about the kvm-tec Benefits

    ... more smart connections

    • Sharing Mode - multiple users can share one screen content
    • Hotkey Function - for switching between individual PCs
    • Dual and multi-head function - computers with multi-head displays can be switched as a unit
    • Master View Mode - monitors and PCs can be connected from any location
    • User Rights -for immediate control in an emergency
    • User PC Binding - mode for other existing systems
    • Redundant - can be switched over automatically in case of PC failure
    • Multi-groups. Extenders can be grouped together
    • Decentralized Switch - all components in the switching system can be connected with two switches.(via one cable 10 components can be connected with 10Gbit uplink)
    • Mix & Match in the system - copper and fiber kvm-tec extenders can be mixed in the system
    • VGA&DVI can be mixed
    • USER/ADMIN- the system is very flexible to configure and depending on the application different user rights such as USER/ MASTER and ADMIN can be set uplinks
    • Password - System. For increased security
    • Conception of the switching system - a short training is sufficient
    • Searchbox
    • Super fast live Preview
    • Capturing-4K uncompressed screen shot (UVX)




    Marketing Datasheet


    Technical Datasheet


    Part No., EAN No., short description

    Basic version Switching Manager Software for the following products included




    UPgrades Switching Manager



    Switching Manager web Basic version

    operapble from on e place                                                            KT -  4012


    additional operator licenses                                                         KT -  4013 


    Switching Manager redundant

    up to 100 endppoints                                                                     KT -  4014

    up to 1000 endppoints                                                                  KT -  4015   





    up to  100 endpoints             KT - 4018

    up to 1000 endpoints            KT - 4019

    Easyline -  no usersystem necessary







    Switching Manager light & Pro redundant

    Simply plug in and use the Switching Manager software to manage all KVM extenders in the switching system. The light and pro redundant configurations are optimally aligned with the Switching Manager software and configured for optimal performance.

    PRE-CONFIGURED Switching Manager



    ...where our technical innovations are born
    … where our technical innovations are born

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