media4Kconnect - 4K Displayport 1.2 KVM Extender over IP

4KExtender Displayport 1.2 single

LATENCY TIME 0.47ms  Download Sheet Latency Measurements



media4Kconnect DP1.2

  • 4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP
  • Max. Resolution 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz/ 4:4:4
  • ultrawide 5K resolution of 5120 x 1440@60 Hz
  • SFP+ module multimode up to 300m/984ft  (opt 120km/74mi)

  • Real-time 4K video

  • Transparent USB 2.0 extension

  • One duplex multimode fiber cable (LC) (USB and video in one stream)

  • USB save feature
  • sound embedded / opt analog

  • Can be used in matrix switching system up to 2000 endpoints (Switch Layer 3)
  • Ultraslim 4K housing - 4 Units in 1 RU

Health Status


brightness, serial number, volume query etc.


 Health status






5K resolution

4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP in Fiber with a range of 300m at a resolution of 4096x2160 @ 60Hz with a perfect color coding with 4:4:4 @8 bit per color. The perfect tuning of kvm-tec video compression with a low latency - 0.47ms allows a delay free transmission of the signals. USB and video is transmitted over one cable. 4K videos in real time.

USB 2.0 In house Development

The in-house developed USB 2.0 implementation supports typical USB devices such as touch screens, sound modules, printers and similar components. In addition, support for storage devices such as thumb drives and USB HDDs can be enabled or disabled as needed, adding another layer of security. And of course, keyboards and mice are also supported.


media4Kconnect local and remote units have a slim form factor. They fit easily under a desk and up to four units can be mounted in a 19" rack. The single-sided orientation of the interfaces allows for easy access during setup and maintenance. media4Kconenct has a fanless design for quiet and ergonomic workspaces.

Mouse glide & switch

up to 4 monitors can be operated with one mouse and keyboard

Matrix Switching System

To connect multiple media4Kconnect Extender Locals and Remotes via an L3 network switch, a central Switching Manager is required to create a multipoint matrix switching system with access control and other administrative and operational functions. The basic version of the Switching Manager includes


media4Kconnect extenders are compatible with all Flexline and Scalableline extenders. Matrix setups can be combined with Flexline and Scalableline extenders to form a homogeneous system managed by the Switching Manager







    Upgrade Simultaneous Downscaling

    Upgrade Simultanes Downscaling  4K Quellen können gleichzeitig in 4K und mit downscaling in Full HD auf der Remote Unit dargestellt werden Die Ausgabe des Streams erfolgt bei 4K über 10G Bandbreite. Hier werden zwei Streams gleichzeitig übertragen, somit hat der 4K stream 9 GBIT und der Zweite Stream in Full HD 1 Gbit. Die Datenströme können unabhängig voneinander geroutet und geshared werden und eine Quelle kann auf beliebig viele Screens geteilt werden. Jeweils ein User hat die volle USB Kontrolle (Keyboad und Maus etc)

    • Simultanes Downscaling Art.Nr KT-4020         

    Instruction Manual for Back up, update etc

    go to

    Switching Manager Web Manual

    go to

    ... more smart connections

    • automatic plug&play installation
    • Displayport Extender 1.2 with delay free transmission
    • ultracompact up to 4 extender in 19“ 1RU
    • firmware flash upgrade without cable
    • USB transfer rate max 480 Mbit/s
    • warranty 2 years, warranty extension up to 5 years
    • ultraslim 4K box


    Display Data Channel

    (The Display Data Channel is a serial communication interface between the display and the PC that enables data exchange via the display cable and allows the operating system to automatically install and configure the display driver).

    Delivery Content - Weight - Dimension

    Delivery Content - Local (CPU)

    1 x media4Kconnect DP1.2 LOCAL/CPU

    1 x 12 VDC 2A power supply

    1 x DP-DP cable 1.8 m/5.9ft

    1 x USB A-B cable 1.8m/5.9ft

    1 x SFP+Multimode up to 300m/984ft

    alt Single Mode up to 10km/6.2mi

    4 x rubber feet

    Quick Instruction

    Delivery Content - Remote (CON)

    1 x media4Kconnect DP REMOTE/CON

    1 x 12 VDC 2A power supply

    1 x SFP+Multimode up to 3000m/984ft

    alt Single Mode up to 10km/6.2mi

    4 x rubber feet

    Weight & Dimension

    Local (CPU): B109 xH43 xD184 mm

    Local (CPU) B4.2 xH1..6 xD7.2 inch, 610 g/1.34lb


    REMOTE (CON): B109 xH43 xD184 mm

    REMOTE (CON) B4.2 x H1.69 x D7.2 inch, 620g /1.36lb

    Weight for Shipment

    Set 3040g / 6.7 lb
    (1600g/3.5 lb LOC/1440g/3.1 lb REM


    Quickinstruction & Manual Download unter:


    Marketing Datasheet


    Technical datasheet


    Quick Instructions


    Manual UDP Version


    Part No, EAN No, short description

    Item No.

    KT - 6930
    KT - 6930L
    KT - 6930R
    KT - 6950

    KT - 6970

    KT - 7017

    KT - 9003
    KT - 9002


    KT - 6231

    KT - 6237

    KT - 6238

    KT - 4020

    KT - 4018

    KT - 4019


    Order No.

    M4K REDP

    M4 UNKDP








    HS 100


    Short description

    media4Kconnect DP1.2 Set
    media4Kconnect DP1.2 Local
    media4Kconnect DP1.2 Remote
    media4Kconnect redundant DP1.2 upgrade Version

    media4Kconnect uncompressed DP1.2 upgrade Version

    single mode module up to 10km/6.2mi

    warranty extension flexible per UNIT
    warranty extension flexible per SET


    Under table mounting

    Rack Mt.Kit incl front panel

    Rack Mt incl front panel and power supply

    simultaneous Downscaling Local Unit

    Health Status -up to 100 endpoints

    Heath Status - up to 1000 endpoints


    EAN                       UPC

    0798190003320  051497031886  6930L  Media4Kconnect-DP1.2 Local

    0798190003337   051497031893 6930R  Media4Kconnect-DP1.2 Remote

    0798190003344  051497031909 6930     Media4Kconnect-DP1.2 SET

    0798190003214   051497031770  7017     Single Mode Module

    0798190003351   051497031916   6950U  Media4Kconnect upgrade redundant

    0798190003412   051497031978  6970U  Media4Kconnect upgrade uncompressed



    media4Kconnect as 3D experience

    media4Kconnect is ready for a 14 day test - you too ?

    ...where our technical innovations are born
    … where our technical innovations are born

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